Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to Dry Mortar Plant Manufacturer and Dry Mix Mortar Design

Ready mixed mortar based on the traditional mixer, is added a material conveying system, a storage bin and an automatic filling machine. ready mixed mortar well-mixed materials will go into the storage space bin via matter conveying pipe, and the mixer may be feed consecutively and work continuously in flow line production, but the tools is not over 4 meters high, thus solving the difficulty of heightening the workshop. Moreover, mortar for dry mix may realize automatic metering and filling, hence, it may not only save the time and energies but also may be more precise. Requiring little investment, but it may load, weight and package the materials automatically; no wondering, dry mortar product line suppliers is a simple but practical production line.

dry mortar product line suppliers

Dry mix mortar design depiction of dry mortar processing machinery

Conveying, storing and dosing of bulk raw equipment depending on the product parcel size and bulk density, we use differential conveying methods to bring materials up to the top of the tower. Implements like link joint bucket elevators can be used for bulk materials with big parcel size and bulk density. Pneumatic conveying systems are preferred for materials with small parcel size and good fluidity. Dry mix mortar design raw material is dosed accurately by different dosing methods depending on product individuality. Dry mix mortar design we also use ultra-fine dosing technique for high precision needs.
Dry mix mortar

Sand and cement dry mix Feature and Application

1. Sand cement plaster and dry mix type of dry mix mortar mixing plant is composed of the systems of drying and screening of raw materials, mixing and dust-removing;
2. Being a key type of concrete material, which is suitable for mixing the dry mortar?

3. We can provide the one-stop service from design to installation completely according to our client specific requirement.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ready Mix Plaster for Wall – The Best Friend

They say “home is where the heart is”. It’s a place where one comes back to put a rest to a tiring daytime with loved ones and be at ease. The abode holds such value in one’s life that one treats it with care and pours his heart into maintaining it.

Magicrete understands the importance of these emotions and works tirelessly to innovate and bring forth a solution that enables you to rest back and enjoy the time you spend within these ‘four walls’ of your home. This solution works amazingly to enrich and strengthen the quality of those walls.

Magicrete knows your needs and brings to you Ready Mix Plaster, that is an ideal solution for the walls of your home. Magic Plast is a polymer modified premixed cement base plaster that can be used on both inner and outer walls.

It’s convenience, ease of usage and strength in binding well with its substrate makes it a top notch product for walls.
Ready Mix Plaster
Advantages of MagicPlast

Quality – It has a uniformed and consistent quality due to computerised mixing. It easily betters old school manual mixing where it is not possible to test every batch.

Versatility – It can be applied to inner and outer walls. It can also be applied to walls made of bricks, stone, AAC Block/concrete block and concrete surfaces.

High Strength and cost-effective – It’s strength and economical pricing is one of its greatest features as it binds better to its substrate and provides an even surface on which tiling can be done quickly and more efficiently.

Optimal usage – When used, there is no wastage of Ready Mix Plaster as compared to conventional forms of plastering.

Cracks-free Wall – There are no shrinkage cracks when you apply MagicPlast Ready Mix Plaster. This gives durability to the walls.

Faster Application – It is remarkably faster to apply to your walls as opposed to conventional plastering methods. Read more.....